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How to Start - Social Commerce Solutions - Femtolayer Technologies, Inc Femtolayer Technologies, Inc
How to Start – Social Commerce Solutions

You should start right now if you need a really good share of this market or this industry.

The Requirements We Need From You:

We will use the best strategy to get the best results, We need only some information from you in order to we can help you to get what you hope to be done.

  • The name of product or brand.
  • The price or the sale offer.
  • The amount of sales you hope to get it.

What Will  We Do?!

  • Go ahead for creating better research to discover the extent of the growth of this industry and the engagement benchmark which we will reach it for your product.
  • Guess the conversion rate based on the existing research to reach your sales amount.
  • Calculate the CTR (click through rate) then we can define the audience size which we need to get our achievements done.
  • Now we can define the budget, which you will need to invest in order to reach your aims.
  • After your confirmation, we should have the deal to start,
    So we will create the required landing pages for every product.
  • We will design all banners which we will need to start.
  • You will receive a weekly report to check the results yourself.



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